Used Pianos

Our used pianos selection includes pianos perfect for the aspiring piano student. Many studies have proven that learning to play an instrument greatly increases cognitive ability in many other learning areas.  See this Time Magazine article for a more in depth examination of the benefits. Best of all, our used pianos are fully inspected and very competitively priced! This is obviously an extremely important factor to consider.

Besides households with younger aspiring piano students a used piano makes a great pastime for empty nesters. A piano can be a great source for home entertainment. It also provides fulfillment for older adults who never had the opportunity to learn to play in their younger years. 

You’re never to old to learn new things and learning to play can be a very rewarding experience! See this article for more insight.

Finally, our selection of used pianos can provide a great opportunity for churches, colleges and other institutions. The combination of quality and low cost makes used pianos a great alternative for institutions who need to keep an eye on budget.

For more information on our used piano selection call 407-339-1772.

For more information on our used piano selection call 407-339-1772