Elepian EP 4500 Digital Piano

This 88 note digital piano is an understated value; perfect
for the beginner or casual player. Choose from 8 different
sounds including piano, organ, harpsichord or strings and
combine any two for ensemble playing.
In addition to the 8 great sounds, this piano features dual
headphone jacks allowing 2 people to play silently or a
teacher may plug in headphones to listen in a class room
Also, there is a touch selector, built-in metronome and two
track recorder. This is a 3 pedal piano with full sostenuto pedal.
Priced at just $789.00 including 12 months full trade, the timing
couldn’t be better to get your little one started or fulfill the life-long
dream you have of playing piano. Don’t miss out on this unique
See us First or See us Last. But for Goodness Sake, Come See Us! You’ll be Glad You Did.

  • Model EP 4500
  • Traditional Rosewood
  • 8 Instrumental Sounds
  • 3 Position Touch Selector
  • Metronome
  • Two Track Recorder
  • Dual Headphone Jacks
  • Bench not included
  • 12 Month Full Trade Warranty included
  • Optional service pkg.
  • Serial # 3935
  • Our Price $789

If New $2995

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