New Pianos

I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for taking so much of your time to inform me of the many features that the Kawai CP-1 has to offer.  Not only is the CP-1 a great instrument to play, but is also a beautiful piece of furniture.  I love that shiny ebony finish.  It really looks great!  The digital piano is a new experience for me, and although I have been playing the piano for many years, your introduction to me of the digital piano has opened up a new dimension of piano playing.  Being a senior, I should have plenty of time to explore the many different features that are offered on this piano.  Thanks to you, the CP-1 should hopefully provide me with much happiness and entertainment during my senior years.
Richard Kessler

Piano Expo is Central Florida’s authorized Kawai piano dealer. Because of this, we always carry a large selection of new Kawai grand, upright and digital pianos. However you may also find a variety of other fine piano names on our showroom floor. Check back often as this selection can change quickly!