Digital Pianos featuring Kawai!

Kawai digitals represent the finest in digital piano technology.

Digital pianos offer many benefits!

  • Most digital pianos run a fraction of the cost of a grand or upright acoustic piano- a great factor for beginners.
  • Digital pianos are more portable, and they can be transported to and from practice or to performances as necessary.
  • They can also be easily moved around a room or building, and many offer connectivity to computers to transfer and store song files.
  • Many digital pianos can play in “quiet mode” with headphones so you don’t disturb the neighbors or others in the household!


KAWAI digital pianos offer fully weighted 88 keys and are designed for realistic touch and tone for a sound closer to an actual acoustic piano than many other makes. To find out more about the benefits of KAWAI digitals please view the videos of their most popular models. But, now due to a recent special digital order from KAWAI we are severely overstocked on digital pianos and inventory needs to be reduced!!



The low cost of a digital piano combined with the fact it never needs tuning could make a Kawai digital the right choice for your needs! 

Kawai Japan is delighted to announce the DG30, the first model of Kawai’s new series of high specification Digital Grand instruments, delivering the touch, sound, and appearance of a grand piano at an affordable price.

The DG30’s attractive cabinet is finished from top to toe in Ebony Polish, with silver-chrome fittings completing a modern, elegant look.  Opening the instrument’s topboard reveals a polished wooden soundboard, decorated with traditional rim braid, and long and short lid props that allow for both fully- and partially-open topboard positions.  Despite its grand appearance, the DG30 is a relatively compact instrument and occupies a depth of just 87 cm (34 1/4 inches), ensuring this handsome piano can also be enjoyed in smaller spaces that may struggle to accommodate an acoustic grand piano.